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Meaning of Queen of Wands Minor Arcana . The Queen of Wands, with a dignified but not too severe face, sits on her throne holding the staff that serves as a scepter in … Two of Wands Keywords. UPRIGHT: Future planning, progress, decisions, discovery REVERSED: Personal goals, inner alignment, fear of unknown, lack of planning Two of Wands Description. The Two of Wands shows a man, dressed in a red robe and hat, holding a small globe.

Ten of Wands - burdens, being in an oppressive situation Four of Cups - apathy, lack of excitement, flat feeling Six of Swords - mild depression, little to celebrate Eight of Swords - restriction, lack of freedom REINFORCING CARDS: Some Possibilities. Three of Cups - excitement, high spirits, celebration Two of Pentacles - fun, excitement, parties Meaning of the Four of Wands Tarot Card. This card often depicts a celebration of some kind with garlands of flowers strewn between the four wands. You may see a couple celebrating or dancing in between the wands. It can have the feel of a wedding. Four of Wands Tarot Card Upright Meaning. Take the time to kick back and appreciate success. The Two of Wands Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money. The Two of Wands is a maturation of the Ace of Wands, and represents what comes after you’ve seized a new opportunity — decisions to make and a long journey ahead. The Two of Wands speaks of progress, discovery, and going out into the world to achieve your goals. Element: Fire Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings The meaning of this card is easy to relate to the image found in the Gilded Tarot. The rider carries a wand topped with a small laurel wreath, symbol of the victor, as banners fly and crowds cheer in his presence.

The Seven of Wands Tarot Card Description. The Seven of Wands has an image of a man who is standing on a tall hill and being challenged by the opponents below. He seems to be defending this position and attacking in retaliation. It is interesting to note that in the Rider-Waite depiction of the Seven of Wands, the man is wearing not matching shoes. The number 14 consists of: 1 (a new beginning) + 4 (cleansed and purified and ready to build a new foundation) = 5 (the unpredictable lifestyle change after you make a bold decision). The Element of Fire: The King of Wands is associated with the planet Mars (determination) and the zodiac sign of Aries. The combination of Mars in Aries makes you ... Two of cups tarot card often shows up reversed when the seeker is in a Soul Mate relationship without loving themselves first. They are scared of abandonment. Two of cups Tarot Card Combinations. Some important tarot card combinations including Two of cups: 2 of cups + The Fool: Love at first sight. Unexpected love. Tarot Meaning Reversed: The reversed 2 of Wands can indicate a pleasant surprised headed your way soon. Take the time to think positively, and to be grateful for the gifts that life is bringing you. Allow yourself to take joy and pleasure in the little things. More...

The Queen of Cups + Page of Wands = a teenage son ignoring his mum! If both are looking towards each other, it may be a sign of a balanced and connected relationship. Example 2: Page of Wands + Queen of Cups = a healthy relationship between mother and son. If both are looking to the right, it may be a sign of a combined focus on the future.