Optimization of UI Design Workflow in Sketch

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Speed up your design process in 2-3 times with this design system

At the end of the course, you will design iOS app and build a design system that you can use for other mobile user interface projects. You'll learn to design mobile apps in 2-3 times faster than 90% of designers and have everything well organized and aligned properly.

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Who should take this course?

Beginners and intermediate level designers who use Sketch

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We’ll talk over next topics:

Grids and layouts

You'll learn about grids and layouts that you can use in UI design projects. We’ll discuss the best approach that can be used for most of the cases. You’ll learn a flexible way of using grids in your design to design a unique UI every time, but having everything clean and perfect aligned.

Folders and files structure

We’ll create a folders structure, and I’ll show you a proper way to organize all the files and documents related to a project you’re working on. We’ll establish simple rules of how to have everything in order with easy access anytime you need to find a document or a specific feature design or version of the design.

Visual design

I’ll show you how I design UI with tips and tricks that simplifies everything from ordering layers to cases of use of guidelines and iOS library in mobile design projects. You’ll see how using these tips you can speed your design work on screens even without any advanced knowledge about symbols etc.

Using symbols

It will boost your design workflow even more. We’ll learn how to use symbols and how to make UI elements dynamic avoiding doing repetitive work.

Creating of UI library with Symbols

We’ll create a UI library that you can use during all phases of a project, and that will help you building templates that you can use to automate your design process.

Shared symbols library

I’ll show you how to convert your UI library into share library that you can use for different files within a project and even collaborate with a team using this library and making UI consistent everywhere.

Export graphics and preparing of deliverables

We’ll export UI elements, icons and other graphics in a proper way that’s easy to use for developers.

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