About us

LikeOne is a small digital studio founded by two creatives. Max & Kate work in different design fields, but with a similar passion for what they are doing.

Kate realized that she likes to create stuff when she was studying at university to became manager of tourism.

What sounded like an interesting creative profession at the time, turned out to be boring office job.

Her learning curve started by learning Photoshop and image manipulation. Later on, she got seriously into photography and fashion/ beauty retouching, which was her primely focus for 3 years.

But something was missing, Kate kept searching for more challenging projects. That`s when she got into 3d and advertising. This became a whole new obsession, to create catchy visuals for brands in different industries to help them grow and market their products.

Kate worked at design studios, photo studios and advertising agencies before becoming an independent creative, and now have over 7 years of experience and strong understating of various creative fields.

Max studied computer engineering at the university and was taking design courses while studying.

Later on, he realized that his heart was leaning more to creative visual solutions and User Experience then to programming. Max has climbed the ladder of big companies and startup jobs and now has over 7 years of valuable experience.

Presently, he is working on different digital projects, such as European and American technological startups, where Max gained the reputation not only for his impressive work and integrity but also for his UX and Graphic design skills.

The past three years as he worked as the independent contractor with clients, was the best years of his professional life. Max received priceless experience working on interesting projects remotely while traveling and living a full life.

Max & Kate share not only the Surname but also a huge thirst for freedom to travel for new inspirations. They have diversity of projects which allows them to maximize their skill-set. Two distinct minds that work like One.