We are small boutique digital studio built on the intersection of arts and technology. We help businesses to grow by improving their UX and through catchy visuals.

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Creative thinking is our daily habit, and, suprisingly, just the two of us provide with end digital solutions for many business areas. Here is what we do.


CGI & Digital illustrations

With computer generated technology, you can literally create anything, you can let your imagination fly.

Even the most “blue-sky” ideas can be brought to life. Either it`s photorealistic renderings of your product or creative visuals for your advertising campaign, it can be done!

Digital illustrations, also known as computer illustrations, require digital tools under the direct manipulation of the artist to create unique images for print- and web-based media. In LikeOne we do vector and raster 2d illustrations, which you can use as icons in your app, website or print to attract attention and engage an audience.


Digital Product Design

We provide with complex design solutions for cross-platform software as well as for mobile or web based apps.

The full package consists of: research of an audience and competitors; design of a structure for your app and creating a strong user experience; making awesome look and feel for your customers and clients. We work closely with your or 3rd party development team to provide them with informative style guides and graphical assets.


Web Design

The process of creating a design for websites and web apps require a lot of expertise and efforts.

In LikeOne we create custom web design solutions where we use years of experience of successfully launched websites. We watch for trends but create timeless web experience with unique graphics and design solutions. Just because it`s the web it doesn’t mean that it can be viewed only on desktop platforms. We make sure that design look and work well on different form factors, such as big screens, laptops, tablets and phones.

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